On Questions, Faith, and Knowing


God doesn’t always do what I want Him to do…what’s up with that?  He doesn’t always do what seems logical to me…what makes sense in the “real world”.

Most of us, even if we like spontaneity and surprise, also really like to have some idea of where our life is headed…some sort of plan, at least in general, for our life.

We want to know what God is up to, what He’s going to do…then we can trust him to do it.  That sounds pretty holy, doesn’t it?  “I’ll do anything God…go anywhere…trust you in anything…just tell me what and where.”

But what if He doesn’t tell you?  Or what if you’ve heard His voice and followed, but that narrow path you’re walking with Him starts to diverge toward a place you didn’t expect?  What then?

Wait a minute, God.  I’m doing exactly what you told me to do.  I’m going exactly where you told me to go.  But this doesn’t look the way it was supposed to look.  This is not at all what I expected.”

  • “You said that if I tithe then I will be blessed.  Well, I just lost my job.
  • You said that if I pray to you then my prayers will be answered.   Well, the cancer has returned anyway.
  • You said that if I seek You then I will find You.  Well, I think you’ve found a good hiding place, ’cause I sure can’t find you right now.”

“Did I hear you incorrectly?  Misunderstand?  Did you change your mind and not tell me?  What is going on?”

If you do feel like this right now, don’t despair and don’t give up.  You’re actually in a very good place.  No, it doesn’t feel good, and you probably think you’re the only one.  But, you’re not…others just don’t want to admit that they are thinking the very same things.

  • These things don’t sound holy, but they are.
  • They don’t sound like questions from a faithful person, but they are.
  • They don’t sound like thoughts that should be shared, but oh how they are!

And here’s why…

  1. If we don’t question…if we won’t admit that we don’t have all the answers…then we can’t grow.  Growth comes in our unknowing…in our weakness.  Growth comes from admitting that we walk this earth wearing a great big question mark, while God wears a great big exclamation point.
  2. If we don’t question, out loud…then we continue to think that we are alone.  Community grows when people are honest, vulnerable, and brave with the risky questions of life and faith.

It’s important to ask the questions…even if you don’t get answers.

Which takes us back to the concept of trust.  It’s easy to trust when we know where we’re going, what God is doing, and how to follow.  But sometimes, most of the time actually, the trust must come before the knowing.

We want to know what God is doing, then we will trust Him in it…
God wants us to trust Him, then He can show us what He is doing.

We want to ask the questions, get the answers, then follow.
God wants us to follow, ask questions while we follow, then He can show us the answers.

We want to KNOW then TRUST
God wants us to TRUST then KNOW

To watch or listen to a great sermon on this topic by Peter Barber and Jerran Wolf of Southeast Christian Church, Parker, Colorado, CLICK HERE and look for the July 2-3 sermon.


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  1. “It’s important to ask the questions…even if you don’t get answers.” Thank you so much for this post. It’s good to know I’m not alone in thinking asking questions is okay.

  2. Kim –
    This made me think of the very poignant question that Job poses to his wife…”Shall we accept good from God, & not trouble?” Job 2:10
    Most often, if we are honest, the answer to that is “Yes!”. His ways are most times hidden from us. But He always gives us just enough light for the next step, and then the next step & each step after that. Thank you for writing this!

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