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>Just Another Night…



I spend another night
Lying in our bed
Looking out the window
Pondering our story
Wondering what’s happened
How did we ever get here?
We had such different plans
For where we would be now
Tears fall down my cheek
Although I try to stop them
Cannot stuff the heartache
Deep inside my soul
You lie in bed sleeping
It comes so easy for you
The fear and pain don’t haunt you
Once your head hits the pillow
While I spend another night
Lying in our bed
Looking out the window
Pondering our story
Wondering what’s happened
How did we ever get here?
We had such different plans
For where we would be now
Tears fall down my cheek
Although I try to stop them
Cannot stuff the heartache
Deep inside my soul

>A Conversation With God About Adventure



I’m a girl who likes adventure.  If I could, I would sell everything I own and just go…follow God wherever He takes me.  So, I was having another conversation with God tonight (a bit one-sided at first) asking, “Okay God, where, when, how?  I’m bored…ready to go…so, could you pick a place and get us moving??  Oh, and could you get my family on board with the plan as well, please?”
At some point, when I took a mental breath, God started talking…here’s a bit of our conversation.
God what do you want from me?
Tell me now, let me know, make it clear
Show me the adventure waiting in your plan for me
I’m ready Lord, let me hear
I am willing to do great things for You
Travel far distances, sell everything I own
To make a difference in Your name in this world you created
To be sure that Your glory is shown
“I know you are willing, my daughter,” You say.
“To go far and wide in my name”
“But are you as willing, my sweet child”
“To serve where I have put you today?”
“It may not be Africa, India or the Middle East”
“Filled with warfare, injustice, and disease”
“But the place where you live is as precious to me”
“As any place you will ever be.”
“There may not be many exciting adventures”
“In your white-picket-fence suburban days”
“But if adventure is what you are seeking, instead of really seeking Me”
“Then your service will be in vain anyway.”
“If you are really willing to do anything for Me”
“Go anywhere, make any sacrifice.”
“Then choose each day to glorify My name”
“Through your love, allow others to see Christ”
“With your children, with your neighbors, with your friends”
“In your home, at your work, in your church”
“There is work to be done right where you are”
“You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth”
“One day I may send you again”
“To the places that your heart longs to see”
“But for now, my sweet child, be at peace and know”
“That you are right where I want you to be”

>A Poem…or Really Odd Prose.



It’s late…I’m tired…I’m trying to be disciplined (yes, Ken Davis…you inspired me) to get up early for a workout and quiet time.  But as I was getting ready for bed (brushing my teeth to be exact) this poem came over me…I don’t know where it came from (hopefully from God), or why it came at such an odd time…but it did.  And it doesn’t even rhyme (which makes my husband doubt if it is ‘legitimate’).  So whether it’s really a poem, or just really odd prose…here it is…I hope it touches your heart…I think God means it for at least one of you…and for me.
Life with you is a dichotomy
Beyond what our logic can resolve
We try to put you in a box
Make you who we want you to be
Make you into something…someone
Who we can understand
Living in the gray is too difficult for us
We want black…we want white
We want wrong…we want right
We want to control
And others…
And you
We can’t live in the in-between
For too long
We need to get somewhere…
Do something…
Get the answer we’ve been looking for
But then the question changes
We must die
In order to live
We must be last
In order to be first
We must give
In order to receive
We must be humble
In order to be raised up
We must sacrifice
In order to gain
We must be weak
In order to be strong
We must be poor
In order to be rich
We must be less
In order to be more
We get lost in the confusion
We try to figure it all out
While you whisper…
Child, follow Me
But, how, Oh Lord…exactly
How do we follow you?
We want a plan…a to-do list
A sure-fire system
That will work…
Whatever that really means
Again you whisper…
Just a whisper…
See what I did?
Do it…
See who I loved?
Love them…
Hear what I said?
Speak it…
See where I went?
Go there…
And rest, sweet child
In my freedom
In my peace
In my joy
You will not always know
But that is not the point
That is not faith
I have not called you to understand
I have called you to trust
Now trust me…

>The Beauty of a Woman



For Lindsey Glasier, as she turns 21…
The beauty of a woman
Is not in the way she combs her hair
But in the gentle care she gives to a friend
When life is too much to bear
The beauty of a woman
Is not in the clothing that she adorns
But in a humble heart of compassion
That mourns with those who mourn
The beauty of a woman
Is not in the color of her eyes
But in the worship that she expresses
To the Lord who holds her life
The beauty of a woman
Is not in the shape of her physique
But in the way she loves her neighbors
The poor, the needy, the weak
The beauty of a woman
Comes out of her heart for the Lord
When His light shines in her life
And in heaven her treasure is stored

>A Broken Heart



Do I really want to ask Him
To break my heart for what breaks His
Would my world ever be the same again
Would I ever see through my tears
He weeps over our sin
And our sin is everywhere
He hurts when we hurt
It would be more than I could bear
Would I ever pass by a neighbor
Without asking about his day
Without caring about her heart
Instead of hurrying on my way
Would I ever pass the homeless man
Begging on the street
Without looking him straight in the eyes
And allowing our souls to meet
Would I ever allow an orphaned child
To go hungry or without a home
Without doing everything I could possibly do
To let him know he is not alone
Would I ever again look into my own heart
Without feeling the weight of my sin
Without recognizing the sacrifice He made
And that He would do it all over again
Lord, I want to pray for you to break my heart
Over the same things that break yours
But teach me how to be strong, oh God
When You give me your eyes for the poor          
And when you show me the truth of a person’s life
And it breaks my heart more than I can bear
Let me love them in the same way you would do
Show them You in the way that I care
So, yes God, I DO pray
Break my heart for what breaks Yours
And let my brokenness bring glory to You
My healer, my protector, my Lord

>We battle not against flesh and blood…


>Like a gentle breeze it swirls around me
This breath from another realm
It moves through me and suddenly I sense it
It’s the lie that overwhelms

It tells me I’m not good enough
It tells me they don’t care
These people that surround me
Would be fine if I weren’t here

The Truth tries to find its way in
It battles for first place
But I give in to the lie that I believe to be truth
And let my mind accept its embrace

I listen to it as it whispers
What good are you to them?
They don’t need you; they don’t want you.
And the heaviness sets in

But then…

NO, I say, Evil One back away!
You are not welcome here.
My mind does not belong to you
I will fight you without fear

I am loved beyond all measure
Thoughts of me bring joy to His face
You will not convince me otherwise
You are a liar, a deceiver, a disgrace.

You had your chance to be loved by Him
You gave it all away
Your pride and arrogance was your downfall
Your need to be in first place

But God holds me in His mighty, gentle hands
He gives me a purpose and a hope
His glory and strength will reign in me
His peace in my spirit overflow

He has placed in my path people of faith
Who love me for exactly who I am
You will not take them away from me
With your lies and your evil plans

So praise God from whom all blessings flow
For His Spirit, His Peace, His Truth
That the father of lies has no power here
In the heart of one saved by You

>A Poem


>He hovers over the city…invisible
His heart wells with compassion…love…grace…desire
His Spirit begs their understanding…”let Me in”

He hovers over them…barely containing his grace…his soul begging to let it go free.
His Spirit roams…searching hearts for an opening, even a small nick in their armor of deeds.
Oh to lift that armor off of their shoulders; for them to feel the lightness…like air…freedom.
Oh, to be allowed to pour out His grace…to rain it down on them…
To flood the streets, the homes, the Mosques,
With the one thing they are missing.

He begs to His Father, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
They are trapped by the evil one…the one who disguises himself as good…the one who disguises himself in culture, tradition, religion.
They know me as a prophet…I want them to know me as the Son of God
They know me as a teacher…I want them to know me as the Truth”

They measure their deeds, they strive to please, they work, they toil, they labor…in vain.
To release them from that strain…that’s why He came.
Again he begs, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

He hovers over this world…
His heart wells with compassion…love…grace…desire
His Spirit begs their understanding…”let Me in”

He hovers over me…
His heart wells with compassion…love…grace…desire
His Spirit begs my understanding…”let Me in”
He whispers, “To release you from your strain…that’s why I came.”